Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cricut Mat Re-gluing

If you're spending a fortune on Cricut mats, you might try this little trick. Clean your mat with a wet wipe. Line the outer edges (where the rollers will be on the mat) with masking tape. Spray the mat with Krylon Easy Tack and let dry. Remove the tape and you're ready to use the mat. Your mat will work like a new one. I never have to buy mats anymore. This trick works great!!!


  1. Is it a spray? I heard about something like this with Alene's sticky tack or one of those glues, it was a brush on thing. Thanks for tips though!! Love not having to buy more mats!! They are very expensive and they don't last long!!Hugs, Tammy

    1. It's a spray. It comes in a can like spray paint. You will love it. You can probably find it at Michael's. I ordered mine online.

    2. Thank you Jodi, you're a doll!!